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So you want to Edgar someone you love? I’ve apparently started a phenomenon where people take my picture and make lots of copies and put them in someone’s home or work area or car (car hasn’t happened yet) As of writing this page, I have been personally involved in two major Edgaring operations, and one poster-sized version that I put up myself. There has been one other Edgaring done by someone to their brother using the original pictures. There has also been personal requests that they want to be Edgar’d, or their wedding/bridal shower… which is pretty great!

I wanted to put together an Edgar kit with which you can then use to Edgar someone. First and foremost, I would like to credit Rhett Sutphin for the three images of my face that I’ve been using. He is a friend and a coworker and he’s been able to capture some nice stills of me at least three different times, although he’s taken many more of me at events we both have been at.

Should you use any of his work, please credit him and his flickr stream http://flickr.com/photos/rsutphin.

Here are the three pictures, I’ve grabbed from Rhett’s stream (search for Edgar on his page for more):

Now, the next image has Super Edgar and I’ve used this one as well. This one is credited to Katie Durham and she’s a fan of The Guild and Felicia Day and I met her thought that. Its probably a good idea to grab it and just grab the Super Edgar portion, since the other part is really for my personal blog. If you are not good with image editing, then you can stick to the ones above with no problems. Please give her credit if you use her work for a prank.

I became creative and started making things like bookmarks with Super Edgar and the YotE logo. The logo was created using Super Edgar’s face and it was made by Soma, another Guild/Felicia fan whom I’ve gotten to know originally from Felicia’s forums.

The other images have a link where you can grab a bigger sized version for better picture quality, the logo just right-click and save it. You can print these images out on regular paper using your home printer. I used Walgreen’s and FedEx Kinkos to make the different prints originally. The actual pictures make for an awesome prank but can get costly. There’s an ultimate pack that gets you lots of pictures at various sizes at Walgreens for $10 USD, which was what I did with the three main pictures above. Regular print-outs should work as well, especially since you can print small versions with little manipulation on regular printers.

Make sure to document your prank with still pictures and video if possible, and make sure that you are not breaking the law or endangering someone while doing this. I avoided placing pictures where they could burn and I avoided placing pictures inside food or anything unsanitary. Hope that your victim has a sense of humor and if they haven’t heard of me, make sure to tell them about this website and what I am really about. Prepare yourself, though, you could be looking for a retaliatory prank in the future.

Happy Edgaring! Great way to Edgar it Forward, after all. 🙂

– Edgar

* NOTE: I am unable to be present at everyone’s prank, I will try but sometimes its not in the cards. I will definitely promote your Edgar prank if you let me know about it though.

** NOTE 2: Check back here because I will be updating this page with the various Edgar pranks done by me and by others. Below here.

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  1. you forgot to include that im an edgar-fan too


  2. Hey Edgar,
    Loved the video. I had a great idea, Edgar a wedding…think of it ” Do you Susie take this Edgar…” . We were talking today about Edgaring kits and you must have stolen our idea.

    I guess we got Edgarred

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