Getting Healthy in 140 Characters or Less

“Moderation in all things” – Terence My coworker wanted me to get on the Master Cleanse diet, or the lemonade diet, and wanting to know what my friends thought, I posed it to twitter. The overall responses were to avoid this “fad”, but Ryon Day (@Ryon_D) had a series of tweets I just had to […]

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Trend Setter

“All things change, nothing is extinguished. There is nothing in the whole world which is permanent. Everything flows onward; all things are brought into being with a changing nature; the ages themselves glide by in constant movement.” – Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso) My last post I mentioned

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The bright side of life

I am proud to announce that my blood pressure is controlled. I’ve had high blood pressure for some time now, since even before my diagnosis of diabetes. Sleep apnea was definitely one of the reasons, but with my dietary changes and CPAP machine, and medicine, my blood pressure is finally normal. Score another victory for […]


Health quickie

“Patience is waiting. Not passively waiting. That is laziness. But to keep going when the going is hard and slow — that is patience.” – Unknown I know I have been slacking here, but know that IRL I have not. There are several YotE updates coming up I promise. I did want to update my […]


Easier to Run… My Fight Just to Walk

I want you all to meet my good friend Rick. You can find him on Twitter as @El_Gandulito. I’ve known him now for about eight years. In the last three, he’s been through quite a lot with his health and ability to walk. Through these trials, I, along with his family adapted to this and […]


First Month

January has passed. Year of the Edgar is in full swing. As I mentioned before, this year its all about positivity. Its time to do things just because. No other reason but that. I want to take this moment to comment on what major goal I have accomplished this past month. If you follow my […]