Year of the Edgar from Edgar Garcia on Vimeo. Also available on Youtube.

Year of the Edgar. This is my year. I’ve had such an interesting last year, I figured the only way to have a better year was if I took this whole year for my own.

This website represents my belief that you should lead a life of positive reinforcements. Year of the Edgar is really about this year being about you. Don’t just sit back and let this year pass you by, grab the sucker and do something with this year.

Been wanting to take a class in something? Desire to write/film/sing/dance/play music/etc? This is the year to do it. With the economy the way it is, might as well do it this year before you really can’t!

I have several goals this year, and I hope for more goodness to befall me, like being featured on a local news report (even as a website). Join me in my journey to make this the Year of the Edgar.

I would like to thank The Guild fans Katie for her original super Edgar drawing, used in this logo, and Soma, for this logo is all him, with a very general description of my desire. You guys are what make my year so great!

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