Getting Healthy in 140 Characters or Less

“Moderation in all things” – Terence

My coworker wanted me to get on the Master Cleanse diet, or the lemonade diet, and wanting to know what my friends thought, I posed it to twitter. The overall responses were to avoid this “fad”, but Ryon Day (@Ryon_D) had a series of tweets I just had to pass on in this post. If you are into being healthy and living a good life, follow this man right now. RIGHT NOW. He’s one of the main reasons for Year of the Edgar, a year ago this month.

What follows are well written tweets and a perfect guide to great health, and weight loss:

Our detox mechanism is called ‘the liver’ and it’s extremely effective. The best way to detox is a substantive lifestyle change – source

Our lifestyles and habits are toxic, NOT our bodies. Even if a 7 day ‘detox’ worked (it doesn’t) it’s bailing out the sea w/ spoon – source

Here’s the order of operations: 1: Stop smoking/drugs/heavy drinking – source

2: Proper diet: Lean meats, fish, nuts, seeds, no refined sugars, no grains, some starch. Lots of veggies, lots of healthy fats – source

3: Excellent sleep habits. No shift work. Avoid bright lights (TV/computer) after 10-11PM, bed by midnight – source

4: Excellent exercise habits. If you aren’t into physical culture, concentrate on a McGuff “Body By Science”-type protocol. Safe.- source

At this point you are 80-85% of the way there. ONLY THEN optimize with Fasting, Supplements, precise nutrient ratios, etc etc etc. – source

TRUE health and longevity results from doing less, eating less, spending less, and exercising less, but doing them all CORRECTLY! – source

Only by following these steps, will we enjoy a healthy and fruitful life. Tell me what you think!

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