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“All things change, nothing is extinguished. There is nothing in the whole world which is permanent. Everything flows onward; all things are brought into being with a changing nature; the ages themselves glide by in constant movement.” – Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso)

My last post I mentioned PCC Salud Family Health Center. I’ve been attending a monthly diabetes class, where we discuss a particular topic regarding my disease. Yesterday was one such class.

I’d like to thank Courtney Matthews, RD LDN who’s a dietitian at Salud whom has been instrumental these past few months in affirming my new lifestyle in the way I eat. Through her also, I was introduced to a dietetic intern from University of Illinois at Chicago named Dioscelina who needed to complete some type of poster/board as part of her rotation.

Courtney said she wanted to “feature” some of their inspirational patients on their waiting room walls, and because of my progress and this website and you guys, she thought to start with me. Such an honor.

I’ve known for a couple of months, and the poster was completed a while back, but nothing was really official till yesterday after my diabetic class. Their corporate HQ actually made up a specific release form just for me.

PCC Salud release form

Notice “publish information regarding the positive lifestyle changes of” in the form. Puts things into a whole other perspective. I mean, I know I was doing good, all my numbers say so so far, but having this piece of paper state it so eloquently that I am bettering myself, and its pure existence is due to me and what I’ve been doing, it just reaffirms everything for me. This is just one of many examples to a life of positivity. Everyone tends to focus on all the negative in their lives, if they took the time to do the opposite, maybe some good vibes will come their way.

I hope to get a shot of the poster when its hanging up on the wall. I did manage to get a picture of it, although I believe that a picture of my face will replace the one in the center.

PCC Salud Poster

I hope that with this poster, it will give people encouragement as they wait to see their doctors. Its very important to me that people get motivated to help themselves. Its not a lost cause. If I can do this, anyone can do anything.

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