A Good Cause by a Great Person



Amy Guth, whom I’ve known for a short while now wears many hats. Her stint as the literary maven on ChicagoNow had me blogging on my personal blog the other day because she inspired me to write short form fiction.

Amy volunteers for the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago. I mean she really puts in her time. She is also a runner, especially for causes. Which brings me to the current situation. Late last year, in November, Amy was in a car accident in Pittsburgh which totaled her car. Back then she recognized issues with her neck, back and hips. She’s been in rehab ever since.

Recently, her pain flared up so much that its forced her to use a cane, making her look ever so sophisticated, mind you. At the Great @redeyechicago Outdoor Tweetup, I saw Amy and witnessed first-hand how banged up she still was, almost a year after her accident. She’s working through it like a trooper, which just shows how determined she can be.

I bring this up because as a runner, and as someone that goes above and beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations when it comes to helping those in need, Amy Guth has outdone herself. She had committed to run the 2009 Chicago marathon as part of the Run Red Team as a fundraiser for the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago.

Amy will be walking, obviously, but she intends on participating, even in her current condition. She needs your help. As Amy says, “I know times are tough, but every last bit counts.” If you’ll notice, I donated day one. Sponsor her here. The marathon is this Sunday and she is barely at 25%. I implore that you dig deep within your pockets (or credit cards) and consider donating. Yes, any donation works, but I want to see some people give as good as it gets.

Anyone donating $50 USD (what I donated) or more can contact me and I will send you one of my coveted Edgar bobble heads as a thank you for helping my friend. Its Tuesday and Sunday is not that far off. Help Amy meet her goal. She deserves our support, as the Red Cross does, its the least we can do to thank her and the organization for keeping Chicago as safe as possible in the time of need. Leave me a comment and please help spread the word too. This is, after-all, Year of the Amy.


I’ve also decided to take requests for donations. Lets be reasonable here, I am obviously not doing something illegal nor something inappropriate, or like gross. Do you want me to karaoke a song on youtube? Signed picture? Dancing? Or the bobble head. (Man, I hope the bobble head.) Tell me in the comments what you’re willing to donate and for what.

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