You’ve Been Edgar’d

@LeahJones gets Edgar’d by myself, @AmyGuth and @TheFemGeek.

You could be next!

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  1. totally appropriate for YOtE! up next: the edgar themed bridal shower??

  2. HAHAAH! Hilarious!!!

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    Classic! Wow. I am glad you live in Chicago!

  4. Viva el Edgar!

  5. Best.Year.Ever.

    You got Edgar’d.


  6. Wow, now it looks exactly like my apartment.

    Erm, no– I mean… how funny!

  7. hah! awesome! well played!

  8. Hehe! Great idea! Though the shower ones…Ah, well, poor Leah will probably stop screaming at some stage and get her own back!

    Fun time!

  9. Oh lord, that is classic! xD

  10. Truly impressive.

  11. She will be finding Edgar all year! For her, it really will be the year of the Edgar! Awesome!

  12. Remind me not to leave my keys with Amy Guth! Brilliant

  13. LOVE IT!! I want an “EDGAR’D” themed birthday party this CINCO DE MAYO!..
    You have to much time on your hands…
    Also i must say.. You is looking mighty fine these days!!

  14. This is hilarious! Edgar, you are truly a genius.

  15. loved loved loved loved it, can’t wait to see the video for your next victim. muah hahahahah!

  16. This is hilarious! And I love your Year of Edgar!

  17. Spoon that was great! LOL! I may be recruitting you to Edgar someone for me. I love it!

  18. Just so everyone knows…

    The Edgars have been saved and someone WILL be Edgar’d.

  19. […] in as many people’s faces as you can. Do it with candy, a compliment, or a prank… being Edgar’d is actually a great way to make them smile. How ever you can make them smile. Its such a great […]

  20. Gahahaha! XD What a prank.

  21. Man how much time did that take? Awesome.

  22. Getting the pictures took some time because Walgreens had an issue with their machine, for which the people were nice enough to give me a discount because of my wait…

    The actual Edgaring, took approximately 2.5 – 3 hours, but I was with two friends and we were casually doing it, as well as cutting the wallet-sized Edgars.

    I suggest spending about an hour at minimum with at least 100 different sized pictures (we probably had over 200 easy) and the prank would be worth it.

    As much as I would love every prank to have my picture, which there is now a page with info and where to get my pics, you can prank people with your own picture(s). Let me know and I will totally post it on this blog. 🙂

  23. When I took all the Edgars and Edgar’d someone else, it took about 60 minutes and we were done. But, like Edgar said, all of the prep was done by the team that Edgar’d my house.

  24. Thanks for the LOL!

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