First Month

tea is delish

tea is delish

January has passed. Year of the Edgar is in full swing. As I mentioned before, this year its all about positivity. Its time to do things just because. No other reason but that. I want to take this moment to comment on what major goal I have accomplished this past month. If you follow my personal blog Edgar of all Trades, you know I have begun to lose weight. Yes, I dedicated January to start doing something I’ve tried to do in the past many times before only to fail. What’s different this time? Its my year.

This, my friends is the power of this message. I am here to tell you that anything is possible. If I can do this, so can you. There is so much behind my decision to become healthier. My sisters are a prime reason. I love them and I want to show them that when it comes down to it, we each have the power to change ourselves. I will continue my path of health for the rest of the year. I wanted to start this year off strong and show you that I meant business.

February is the shortest month and I have so many things I need to get done this year. It is my goal to step up the game and work on at least two goals. Note that the goals do not have to be major changes. One of the February goals is to learn and play Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve never done it before and have been curious for a long time. Through the help of @leahjones, I have a group to play with and it shall begin soon. I have not decided on the second goal so I will have to figure that one out soon and start working on it.

Have you taken this year for yourself yet? This is about the time that the new year’s resolutions begin to dissolve. This is the time to act! Please let me know what you’ve accomplished already this year, and/or what you plan to accomplish for February.

One final note, I’m looking for like-minded individuals with similar messages. If you have fully embraced this year as being your year, and you want to spread your story, or you have topics to discuss that coincide with positivity and creativity, please contact me so we can discuss collaborations on this website. I’d like to be able to add other forms of content here to better help people. May it be a one-shot blog post, or a specific column (weekly, monthly). Lets work together to show the world that live IS this easy.


2 Responses to “First Month”

  1. thanks to you, i am inspired. barring my self-imposed celibacy, the
    events of my life have unfolded into very positive [and unexpected]
    experiences. as much as i dislike paraphrasing [morpheus]: it is
    in fact fear and doubt that must be released.

    thus far; as per Dani’s request, ive been sociable with girls in
    my engineering cohort. for better or worse, i found my actions
    were somewhat anti-feministic [shrug]

    also ive lost ~12lbs in my goal towards running low eight-minute
    miles. and maybe.. just maybe, break into the sevens by summer.

    overall this year should be about applying my skill set towards helping
    other people. for the longest time, ive been too affraid to attend the
    engineers without borders meetings. on one hand there is the
    mysophobia [relative to africa] and then there are .. well lots of girls
    and thats not a great motivator. so theres that…

    but yeh.. youre right.. its all possible.. im right there with you.


  2. Eye on the prize!!!


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