Welcome to my Year

My name is Edgar Garcia. I am a simple man with simple ideals. I had ups and downs last year. Mostly ups. My network of people I know has grown exponentially, and I’ve had some very cool experiences. Now its the new year and I need to ante up. This year needs to be much better.

This year is going to be much better. I should know, its the Year of the Edgar. What does that mean? I keep saying that. No, its not about an ego trip. I am not egocentric. Full of myself. Or am I?

Here’s the thing; I am all about positivity. Self-affirmation. Year of the Edgar is actually not about me, but about you. That’s right, this is YOUR year. Feel good about yourself for once! Its been said that you are your own worst critic. Well, its time to become your own fan. Motivate yourself to do whatever it is you dream of doing this year. Be creative, be positive, and most of all, be active.

I have goals I want to accomplish this year. Make new friends, write more, learn a language and an instrument, be creative, possibly work on other websites I have come up with. Help as many people as I can however I can. Most importantly, continue my lifetime goal of having a healthy lifestyle and ultimately lose weight.

What are your goals? What five major goals do you want to have worked on by the end of this year? Comment here. Also, to help you get you on your way, I created a little banner you can add on your websites. Show people that this is your year. Also have a nifty little cartoon Edgar face. How cool is that?

Comment here as well if you add the banner to your website. Later on, I will compile a list of people that will make this year their year.


9 Responses to “Welcome to my Year”

  1. Yay! I love your banner – did you make that yourself? We need to be told!

  2. kudos !

  3. @worldofhiglet, I made the banner myself, using the original logo as a starting point.

  4. Nice website Edgar, nice goals. The logo is awesome…but slightly disturbing, LOLOL!

  5. I’m right there with ya bro!

  6. I love it! This is awesome, and your logo is brilliant. Way to go!

  7. 🙂 Then why call it yearofthedgar and not just theyearofyou? Still awesome. if there’s a self critic expert, it’s me. Now off to the goal setting and feel gooding portion of the year. 🙂

  8. Chris,

    Helping others starts with helping yourself. Year of the Edgar is two-fold. Its my way of showing the world that I can do what I set my mind to do. Yes, Year of the Edgar is definitely about everyone, but I am making myself the focal point. I am using this idea and this website and anyone else that decides to follow in my footsteps to lose weight, or to become more creative, or to ask for a raise at their job, or whatever else, as my inspiration to continue doing what I am doing.

    I hope you can set aside your insecurities and pass along all the support you have inside you to help others better themselves this year. That is essentially the only real way anyone will be successful and happy ultimately when the year is over. Pay it forward, dude.

  9. Well said, Edgar. It is all about remaining positive. 😉

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